Athlete performing pike pushup in 10x10 challenge

How fast can you complete the challenge?

The Plyofold 10x10 Challenge

Complete 10 reps of 10 different movements for the quickest time:

10 x incline push ups
10 x box jumps
10 x box dips
10 x knee tucks
10 x decline push ups
10 x step ups - right leg
10 x step ups - left leg
10 x pike push ups
10 x alternating shoulder taps decline planks
10 x toe taps

Complete as quick as you can and post your victory on social media with the hashtag #Plyofold10x0challenge and tag us at @plyofold.

Note: The alternating shoulder taps decline plank and toe taps should be 10 reps on both your right and your left.

Athlete doing a step up on a foldable plyo box
Personal trainer jumping onto plyofold, a foldable plyo box