Our team jumping off of a Plyofold

About us

Plyofold is the vision of Dutch entrepreneur, Tijn Meenhuis, alongside a team of friends, family and supporting athletes.

As a gym owner and personal trainer, Tijn Meenhuis hosted workouts both inside and outside, but found moving his plyo boxes between these settings to be a time-consuming chore. Bringing the plyo boxes to the park for bootcamps was close to impossible, and storing these plyo boxes took up a lot of space that could have been used to have more exercise space.

But what if there could be a plyo box that could solve these issues?

3 goals of the plyofold

Trainer folding and picking up the Plyofold - the original mobile and portable plyo box
Portable and Mobile

We want coaches, trainers, and athletes to be able to take their plyo boxes wherever they go - the park, other gyms, on location, or wherever.

One folded Plyofold between two unfolded plyo boxes
Easily Storable

Plyo boxes can take up a lot of room! Room that could be used for more diverse equipment or more exercise space.

Athlete doing lateral weighted step ups with the Plyofold
Great Quality

Making a plyo box that is easily foldable, portable, and storable should not come at the expense of its primary purpose: allowing for an intense and effective workout.

Our Mission

To remove excuses and barriers in the way of people’s fitness goals. We develop equipment that allow people to workout in a more free and mobile manner.